Kunena Birthday Module

  • Jeep birthday is in 7 days (25)


Latest Message: 1 month ago
  • Srinbow : Miss the good old days, amazing community
  • Thorus/Anon : Long sentence deleted seriously... Happy Death Day KzH zombie sever,,
  • Thorus/Anon : Amazing
  • Thorus/Anon : Cant wrote in shoutbox
  • [KzH]Two`` : 3
  • [KzH]Two`` : Hi all, i remember the old times on the server was really fun :)
  • Michael Harr : Hey guys, how is life going? I'm interested in playing urt again, just need to redownload the installer :)
  • Srinbow : yo, i'm going to install urt again. if you want to play, hit me up
  • ZyGa : i feel so empty inside when im remebering old times on kzh
  • ZyGa : We should set up one day
  • Jakes : Kinda missed the old days too, im in for a fun match with everyone. Even with you Milan
  • Hammel : Greets all, we should all meet over again on the server for the old times. It was pretty fun tho.
  • DiddlieDapti : Greetings Robz
  • Robz : I'm surprised this is still around, greets all
  • haX : Oh lui
  • LammeSnail : Blacky try it now, I guess I manually activated some accounts. If yours not, please contact me on my email. HF
  • Lucas [SpeeD : j'ai donc été admin à 13 ans ? tu m'étonnes que ce soit parti en couilles :)
  • Chelikman : R.I.P kzh,you will miss us
  • Chelikman : mdr
  • DiddlieDapti : part of a legacy?
  • Lucas [SpeeD : why is Lamme still hosting this ?
  • Lucas [SpeeD : this still exists
  • Lucas [SpeeD : wow
  • Chelikman : me for the senior admin of kzh !!!!!!lamme amke me senioradmin :P
  • Chaoui : wesh les merdeux

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1. Not knowing the rules doesn’t saves you from banning, so please read and keep them all.
2. Please note, cheating is disallowed on our servers, so you better achieve your higher rank with skill only, else if you are caught, you immediately get your permban and your stats are lost! No cheating, hacking or using any software that gives you an unfair advantage over other players.
3. If someone is cheating, take a demo. Making accusations without a demo will get you banned.
4. Never change your GUID to reset your stats, since this is GUID spoof.
5. GUID spoof is a reason for a PERMBAN if it is used to by-pass a punishment. If the punishment is unjust, it will be removed (point 19). If the punishment will be by-passed, permban will be done.
6. Permban lasts forever.
7. If you try to by-pass permban, we can ban your whole provider and your mates in your country will suck because of you.
8. No racist, abusive, or offensive behavior towards other players.
9. No clan stacking or helping the other team; players must play for the objective and suport their tea
10. Obey the admins. Fighting them will get you banned. 
11. Be kind and respectful to other players. No abusive language or behavior towards admins or other players. 
12. No offensive or potentially offensive or annoying names.
13. No advertising or recruiting for anything: clan, website, server, etc.
14. No profanity or offensive language in any language. 
15. No glitching. If you can't get to a spot on a stock / normal server, don't camp in it here.
16. Do not reconnect to the server for change your team.
17. Do not change your team deliberately for changing your player role (human-zombie).
18. Attack with autoshoot cheat, or external software is forbidden on our servers and might be punished with permban. Scroll and scripts (from 01.02.2013) as fire is allowed.
19. If you're banned and shouldn't be, post your request in the proper forum section. Don't try to avoid the ban, or the ban will be extended.
20. If you are busy and go away then please go into spectator.