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Latest Message: 1 month ago
  • Srinbow : Miss the good old days, amazing community
  • Thorus/Anon : Long sentence deleted seriously... Happy Death Day KzH zombie sever,,
  • Thorus/Anon : Amazing
  • Thorus/Anon : Cant wrote in shoutbox
  • [KzH]Two`` : 3
  • [KzH]Two`` : Hi all, i remember the old times on the server was really fun :)
  • Michael Harr : Hey guys, how is life going? I'm interested in playing urt again, just need to redownload the installer :)
  • Srinbow : yo, i'm going to install urt again. if you want to play, hit me up
  • ZyGa : i feel so empty inside when im remebering old times on kzh
  • ZyGa : We should set up one day
  • Jakes : Kinda missed the old days too, im in for a fun match with everyone. Even with you Milan
  • Hammel : Greets all, we should all meet over again on the server for the old times. It was pretty fun tho.
  • DiddlieDapti : Greetings Robz
  • Robz : I'm surprised this is still around, greets all
  • haX : Oh lui
  • LammeSnail : Blacky try it now, I guess I manually activated some accounts. If yours not, please contact me on my email. HF
  • Lucas [SpeeD : j'ai donc été admin à 13 ans ? tu m'étonnes que ce soit parti en couilles :)
  • Chelikman : R.I.P kzh,you will miss us
  • Chelikman : mdr
  • DiddlieDapti : part of a legacy?
  • Lucas [SpeeD : why is Lamme still hosting this ?
  • Lucas [SpeeD : this still exists
  • Lucas [SpeeD : wow
  • Chelikman : me for the senior admin of kzh !!!!!!lamme amke me senioradmin :P
  • Chaoui : wesh les merdeux

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Play UrbanTerror, the free online FPS game!


UPDATE 24.11.2015:


KzH moved to UrbanTerror 4.2. For Server details please check the Server menu.


KzH is a friendly clan based on the free online FPS game called UrbanTerror. The developer (FrozenSand) doesn’t supports this version anymore, but there are very favorite MOD versions out there, which doesn’t exists or just very different on the actual 4.2, but the 4.1 community is still active. So we decided to make you this version available for download:



This download contains only the original files of the official release by FrozenSand, and only the original files of the 4.1 and the 4.1.1 update. After you have downloaded the zip file, decompress it and move to your preferred folder. You can run this game on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

When you first time run this game, check your settings and choose a name for yourself.

 Due the developer turned off the master servers, you have to connect your preferred server manually by calling down the console with ~.



Delete the text there with backspace, and give in manually the connect command with server address by exactly the following way:

 /connect serverIP:port

 Please note, the serverIP can be a domain name as well! 


- [KzH] ZOMBIE [MOD] Europe     /connect
(or /connect kzh.clankrh.com:27998 )
This server has been the first ZOMBIE MOD server in Europe. Here are no bot enemies, only skilled humans. Please note: to be successful in this MOD you have to be a skilled jumper and know the weapons and maps. About jumping tricks in UrbanTerror please search on Youtube.


And a very important information at the end: there exist cheats to download to UrbanTerror. But we seriously WARN YOU to NEVER download and/or try any of them!!! We have a sophisticated server and plugin system with many admins. We can identify you by IP and your unique GUID as well. Even if you change them or both! When you get caught for using any cheat, you get permban (PERMANENT BAN) automatically on EVERY KRH and KzH clan server!!! When you get caught for using any cheat, you will never again be able to play on these servers!!!
So don’t risk it, play for fun!


If you have further questions, feel free to register and post it in our forum!


Good Luck and Have Fun!


LammeSnail – Server Owner





New IP for all service: website and game servers moved!!!

Dearest Members, Admins, Players and Visitors!

As you alredy might recognize i moved the servers and all service to a hosting company. In the future you can access all functions on this new IP address:

I hope this will influence the the pings in positive direction.
And so please note, that until unknown period the server might fail with receiving and/or sending emails to/from my snail@... email address. For this reason please use the forum instead.

Thanks and Have Fun:

server owner

Fun Night- Site Warming Party :)

Announcment of a friendly clan:

This will be a fun night where we will play LMS (Last Man Standing) games for fun. 
Intended like a "Site Warming Party." 

There is NO limit on amount of players that can join, so the more, the merrier :) 

The weapons allowed in the LMS might not be standard. It may be sr8 only, auto only, secondary only, pistol only, so on. 
Server will be negociable between the UTSC servers that we offer. 

Hope to see you all come FRAG :)


New Magic Server MOD released!

Today we finally released the MAGIC MOD server! You can read about the basic settings on our Server page, and you can try it here:


(or /connect clankrh.com:27994)

Some settings are still under configuration and you can share your opinion in our Forum!

Have Fun! ;)

UPDATE 12.10.2013: Server is closed due to the lack of interest.

Clan [KzH] all weapon 1vs1 Tournament in 2013

Dear KzH Members and Friends of our Clan!

We would like to proudly announce that we have prepared a tournament - It will be an all weapon 1vs1 TS Tournament.
This Tournament is in September 2013 and you can read the details and basic rules when you CLICK HERE!
Everyone is allowed to join, more players -> more fun!

CLICK HERE if you would like to participate and register yourself, you can it with starting a New Topic with your name in the subject (as you can see it there).
Registration is closed on the 20. August!

Have fun!


UPDATE 07.11.2013:

The very first KzH Tournament has ended, you can find the details in our Forum, and the winner is: Necro0



=KRH=Website-Update coming up!!!

Dear Members,

"We are running into a downtime of approximately 48hrs beginning Wednesday, March 20th,  00:01 (CET)."

"If everything works well, we will be back online at least on friday."

This is, what we have announced to you.


And this is the recent information to you:

- Update completed
- No loss of data on homepage
- No loss of data in Forum
- Website updated
- Forum updated
- Design updated
- New Serverlist implemented
- Member-squad implemented

- Some changes are still in progress, so please don't be angry, if there is a menu-item missing or if there is a server missing in menu-list or if Squad is not completed yet.

Have fun experiencing the "new" =KRH=website

Oh, and before I'll forget: If you find any errors or bugs, please report them in Forum

Thank you all for your patience.


=KRH=LammeSnail                 =KRH=evil-Terror
(Server-Owner)                        (Senior Admin)


Bind scripts are now enabled


As you might know, bind scripts and other clicker helps were forbidden on our servers. Meanwhile we changed our mind, and from 01. February 2013 bind scripts are enabled.
And for every player can have equal chances to win, we share some bind-scripts to download.

External softwares like autoaim, autoshoot and autoclicker are still forbidden to use.

If you are a player who were banned for using script, please contact our admins in the Forum and request to remove the ban.

You can find the script samples in our download section.


Have Fun!

clan [KzH] is fighting spambots

Dear Users,
Dear Guests,

after having lots of spambot-registrations in the last few days / weeks, we have started fighting those spam-bots.

Due to this fight, you might find some captchas in the forum whilst reading as guest. We are sorry for this inconvinience, but we have to do this step.

If you want to register, and do your first post, an admin has to approve it! We are sorry for this as well. Please be patient and wait for the approval. Re-posting is useless, as long as the first post has not been approved.

Additionally we have added some bot-traps that will block spambots. These bot-traps are checking User-IPs on several blacklists from all over the world. If you can't login, it might be a result of a spambot being listed with your current IP.

If you can't login, please send an email with your current IP-Adress to:


Nice greetings






Dear players,

the hoster of this webpage informed us about a massive problem in security. We did an security-update, but we can not be sure, that there are no problems coming up!

(This is not a fun-message! This is a serious Problam, that can result serious harm!)

The security leak will cause following:


The page you tried to access will be skipped and you
might be forwarded to a Homepage that is not related to clan =KRH= or [KzH]


If this (unwanted) forwarding will happen to you, please inform us immediately by writing a post into the Forum of [KzH] or =KRH=

Better inform us, than keep quiet.

Thank you in advance.


Website-Forum rules

New website/forum rules

  • No profanity in any language!
  • Do not post or upload anything that breaks the laws!
  • Cheater demo extensions allowed: dm_68, zip, rar, size max. 1700KB, long should be 1-6 Minutes!
  • Use English if possible! (No punishment for posting on German or French, but ask for translation that all can read it)!
  • NO ADVERTISING!!! No redirection / forward to your site for advertising!
  • Don't abuse the KARMA system. It is for appretiate very valued posts!
  • Don't post 1-2-3 word posts (OK, thanks, ...), use the "Thank you" button to show you've read it!
  • Don't ask the same again in a new topic! Search for the original topic and post it there!
  • Don't use the Shoutbox to infom others about an Email or your new forum post. Everybody can use the Recent Topics" forum button!
  • Don't spam the forum!




Clan [KzH] goes mobile

Dear Community,

as you might know, the release of this page was planned for September 1st. But setting up this clanpage was much quicker than it was planned.

I would like to inform you, that another special is alredy released, maybe you already recognized it.

We have managed, to bring this page onto mobile devices. Yes, you got it right. It is working on mobile internet, like you have it on iPhones or similar devices.

So Clan [KzH] is the first zombies clan (maybe the first clan ever) that has its homepage available on mobile internet.

There are some differences in design and handling, but at least all important information are available. All in all, it's possible to view this homepage with slow mobile internet and just with low traffic.

Have fun being online and always up to date.

Nice greetings from the leaderboard and from



Join rules of Clan [KzH]

Dear Players!

Right after the release of the website and creating the Zombie squad from the famous =KRH= staff, we proudly anounced our clan!

If you play regular on our ZOMBIE server and you read and accept our JOIN RULES, we can apply you!

If you would like to join please post your application into our Forum (Category: Applications)

clan leaderboard