Kunena Birthday Module

  • breuxe birthday is in 1 day (26)
  • Talha GUL birthday is in 8 days (24)
  • Persi'BB'Andung birthday is in 10 days (19)


Latest Message: 2 months ago
  • Srinbow : Miss the good old days, amazing community
  • Thorus/Anon : Long sentence deleted seriously... Happy Death Day KzH zombie sever,,
  • Thorus/Anon : Amazing
  • Thorus/Anon : Cant wrote in shoutbox
  • [KzH]Two`` : 3
  • [KzH]Two`` : Hi all, i remember the old times on the server was really fun :)
  • Michael Harr : Hey guys, how is life going? I'm interested in playing urt again, just need to redownload the installer :)
  • Srinbow : yo, i'm going to install urt again. if you want to play, hit me up
  • ZyGa : i feel so empty inside when im remebering old times on kzh
  • ZyGa : We should set up one day
  • Jakes : Kinda missed the old days too, im in for a fun match with everyone. Even with you Milan
  • Hammel : Greets all, we should all meet over again on the server for the old times. It was pretty fun tho.
  • DiddlieDapti : Greetings Robz
  • Robz : I'm surprised this is still around, greets all
  • haX : Oh lui
  • LammeSnail : Blacky try it now, I guess I manually activated some accounts. If yours not, please contact me on my email. HF
  • Lucas [SpeeD : j'ai donc été admin à 13 ans ? tu m'étonnes que ce soit parti en couilles :)
  • Chelikman : R.I.P kzh,you will miss us
  • Chelikman : mdr
  • DiddlieDapti : part of a legacy?
  • Lucas [SpeeD : why is Lamme still hosting this ?
  • Lucas [SpeeD : this still exists
  • Lucas [SpeeD : wow
  • Chelikman : me for the senior admin of kzh !!!!!!lamme amke me senioradmin :P
  • Chaoui : wesh les merdeux

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