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  • Thorus/Anon : Long sentence deleted seriously... Happy Death Day KzH zombie sever,,
  • Thorus/Anon : Amazing
  • Thorus/Anon : Cant wrote in shoutbox
  • [KzH]Two`` : 3
  • [KzH]Two`` : Hi all, i remember the old times on the server was really fun :)
  • Michael Harr : Hey guys, how is life going? I'm interested in playing urt again, just need to redownload the installer :)
  • Srinbow : yo, i'm going to install urt again. if you want to play, hit me up
  • ZyGa : i feel so empty inside when im remebering old times on kzh
  • ZyGa : We should set up one day
  • Jakes : Kinda missed the old days too, im in for a fun match with everyone. Even with you Milan
  • Hammel : Greets all, we should all meet over again on the server for the old times. It was pretty fun tho.
  • DiddlieDapti : Greetings Robz
  • Robz : I'm surprised this is still around, greets all
  • haX : Oh lui
  • LammeSnail : Blacky try it now, I guess I manually activated some accounts. If yours not, please contact me on my email. HF
  • Lucas [SpeeD : j'ai donc été admin à 13 ans ? tu m'étonnes que ce soit parti en couilles :)
  • Chelikman : R.I.P kzh,you will miss us
  • Chelikman : mdr
  • DiddlieDapti : part of a legacy?
  • Lucas [SpeeD : why is Lamme still hosting this ?
  • Lucas [SpeeD : this still exists
  • Lucas [SpeeD : wow
  • Chelikman : me for the senior admin of kzh !!!!!!lamme amke me senioradmin :P
  • Chaoui : wesh les merdeux
  • ShockZZZZ : sup

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TOPIC: New Mod

New Mod 22 Aug 2013 16:57 #19493

  • -Funky*
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  • Naab! :o
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Personally i prefer it without sr8 script (my opinion)

About weapon set, i agree.
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New Mod 22 Aug 2013 18:40 #19500

  • LammeSnail
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OK my opinion why I've set it so.

- SR8 scripts are disabled since I've set double the original damage (now it is 45 to head and torso) to make it more fair for muggles. When muggles would have script enabled, then could too easy kill with sr8 from the far distance.

-The logic of weapon order:
1st SR8, since when a map beginns the wizards are far and the most useful weapon is SR8
2nd is DE since when muggles can hit wizards1x or 2x then can hurt more or even kill (after 2 successful SR8 hits) with DE from a middle distance.
3rd is Spas, because it is the final weapon against wizards when they are too close.

And I increased the knockbacks of the weapons to toss the muggles far away, since lower knockback was enough against knife (zombies), but not against grenades (middle range magic spells).

I hope I could make it clrear. I've didn't just configure it from my belly, but wouldn't like to help more those who would like to copy it
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New Mod 22 Aug 2013 19:14 #19503

  • No.1/Kira
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could you please disable that wizards wont die if they sploded?
its not that hard to run with a nade into 5 muggles and just splod...
also in HP: if you misspell a spell you are going to hurt yourself (Mrs Lovegood - Lunas mother)
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New Mod 14 Sep 2013 19:56 #20811

  • ZyGa
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Zyru have right :D

And i want to say, then Magic mode is very good, but no one play on it.
And must still waiting when somebody join.

9/10 :)
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