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  • Lucas [SpeeD : j'ai donc été admin à 13 ans ? tu m'étonnes que ce soit parti en couilles :)
  • Chelikman : R.I.P kzh,you will miss us
  • Chelikman : mdr
  • DiddlieDapti : part of a legacy?
  • Lucas [SpeeD : why is Lamme still hosting this ?
  • Lucas [SpeeD : this still exists
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TOPIC: I lost my patience!!!! ALL MODS/ADMIN MUST READ!

I lost my patience!!!! ALL MODS/ADMIN MUST READ! 08 Sep 2012 20:46 #1421

  • LammeSnail
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OK here we go.

This posts is FOR YOU ALL. Take it personal, look inside and think on it.
If you have problem to understand, then ask a pro to translate it or use google.
I am now serious so you should take it serious.

I was reading all your shoutbox and forum cryings about who has which level and when your level will lift up. And read the posts about how mods/admins abuse their right to punish players for own fun or suspecting him with cheating etc.

You all behave like a bunch of idiots!

I know some (or most) of you are young kids.
And you would like to do what you want and don't care about the rules of the world.
But some time you have to learn that you have to keep some rules, for example when you get your driving icense.

So you all need power here. But power for what?

Honestly I was playing YEARS LONG without having any power on any server.
Although after some years I used to be the FIRST ranked on the =IvN= |ITA| CTF server @ GameTracker(it doesn't exist for a while).
(Na OK they didn't have B3 and Denzel gave me the RCON later).

But then I decided to have a server where I can play the way I like and have the rules I find fair.

So I spent some thousand Euros for hardware and services and spent hundreeds of hours with the setup and configure of the servers.
Did anyone of you playing on the ZOMBIE server ever donated us? No.
Of cours you shouldn't do it, it isn't a must. I don't want to steal the pocket money of school kids.
But there are other ways to help.

And an other story: the original clan and servers: =KRH=
Do you know that on KRH who and when and after how many connections got mod and admin level?
Never mind, just one thing: nobody ever got who requested it, levels were only OFFERED for players with always fair behavior. After several month.
As well as the members were only invited.
You can ask the =KRH= members. Ask evil-Terror or Daemon.

Levels were often offered for diligent players. Players who sent for me or posted demos of cheaters, and not just posted but viewed and commented uploaded demos of othe players. Ask |SLO|Badass or Cthulhu.

And what do you do for the clan or the server? Nothing, nada, rien.
And you cry for levels and you envier higher levels of other players.


So I decided to be more strict with right abusers. I don't care if you didn't read or didn't understand this post.
If you abuse admin rights with !warning innocent players your level is lost.
If you !kick or !ban innocent players your level is lost.
If you !nuke any player your level is lost.
If you abuse admin rights for your own comfort your level is lost.
If you abuse admin rights by any way your level is lost.

If you ask for mod/admin or higher levels, the decision about this level will be automatically 2 weeks delayed.

Some told me the ZOMBIE players and community is different, they need different rules. And I really tried it. And it seems it didn't work.
So I decided to apply the same rules here as on =KRH=CLASSIC or =KRH=FUNNY.

There we have several Senior Admins (level80). Here from any of you get level80? With this stupid behavior? You can never get over level40.
You only take care of your own shitty xlrstats rank/ration. And not the clan or the server.

So these are my final words, I give you all this weekend to read/translate/understand/apprehend it.


server owner/admin
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I lost my patience!!!! ALL MODS/ADMIN MUST READ! 30 Jan 2013 20:11 #10241

  • evil-Terror
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Just for remembering:
LammeSnail wrote:

From now if players can't behave, they will have to find an other server.
I will allow scripts.

And I don't care the cry of the kicked players that "ohh there are switchers and glitchers again, no admins online" etc.

And who start to rage and insult, will get ban.
I hope I was clear.
Don't piss on my neck and say it's raining
The topic has been locked.
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