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  • Thorus/Anon : Long sentence deleted seriously... Happy Death Day KzH zombie sever,,
  • Thorus/Anon : Amazing
  • Thorus/Anon : Cant wrote in shoutbox
  • [KzH]Two`` : 3
  • [KzH]Two`` : Hi all, i remember the old times on the server was really fun :)
  • Michael Harr : Hey guys, how is life going? I'm interested in playing urt again, just need to redownload the installer :)
  • Srinbow : yo, i'm going to install urt again. if you want to play, hit me up
  • ZyGa : i feel so empty inside when im remebering old times on kzh
  • ZyGa : We should set up one day
  • Jakes : Kinda missed the old days too, im in for a fun match with everyone. Even with you Milan
  • Hammel : Greets all, we should all meet over again on the server for the old times. It was pretty fun tho.
  • DiddlieDapti : Greetings Robz
  • Robz : I'm surprised this is still around, greets all
  • haX : Oh lui
  • LammeSnail : Blacky try it now, I guess I manually activated some accounts. If yours not, please contact me on my email. HF
  • Lucas [SpeeD : j'ai donc été admin à 13 ans ? tu m'étonnes que ce soit parti en couilles :)
  • Chelikman : R.I.P kzh,you will miss us
  • Chelikman : mdr
  • DiddlieDapti : part of a legacy?
  • Lucas [SpeeD : why is Lamme still hosting this ?
  • Lucas [SpeeD : this still exists
  • Lucas [SpeeD : wow
  • Chelikman : me for the senior admin of kzh !!!!!!lamme amke me senioradmin :P
  • Chaoui : wesh les merdeux
  • ShockZZZZ : sup

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TOPIC: Recovering your GUID isn't an everyday service!!!

Recovering your GUID isn't an everyday service!!! 09 May 2015 19:25 #30352

  • LammeSnail
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  • Administrator
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You - fair and normal players - may know me as a fair, helpful and reliable admin and server hoster. I am maybe not the best, but with good will.

So I really hate to get emails like this from "D...":

2800 KILLS

The antecedent: He asked me to recover his stats on
29.06.2014 (I did)
08.07.2014 (I did)
03.05.2015 (I did) AND 2(!) DAYS LATER HE ASKS FOR IT AGAIN

I tried to explain him in an email:

Why the hell did you change your GUID again?
It is a not a game for me to recover your stats, it requires database mining what noone else can do, only me the server owner. WTF?
So do you have any serious reason for the continuous GUID change?!?!?


OK but things can happen. And that's not designed so to replace GUIDs.
So normally your GUID changes and live with it.

Don't take it normal, that I can replace and change GUIDs with manually manipulating the database. Because I don't like it.
Normally I only do this favor for members and admins. And rarely. I really mean rarely, few times in a year. And not few times in two days for the same player.
I am not mad. Try to deal with you new GUID(s). And don't change it.


Hey Snail
U still didn't put my good ID Back
Current one ----> ...
This is the one i need ; ...

And me:

I didn't tell I've done it.
Maybe you didn't get the point. Please read my last email carefully.
Recovering the stats/GUID isn't a service.

And after this I was online for two days due to a family visit.
And come back and see this warning(???) from him, WTF?!?

2800 KILLS

Dude I want world peace. We both fail.
Try it again.
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The following user(s) said Thank You: balaur, Hammel, Tivise, [KzH]Two``, Jabberwock, DiddlieDaptie, Robz, Chelikman, Jakes, Srinbow...

Recovering your GUID isn't an everyday service!!! 18 May 2015 19:57 #30396

  • DeStRoY
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ahahahaha cool story, lamme pls i want my stats back 85k kills!!
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Recovering your GUID isn't an everyday service!!! 23 May 2015 10:55 #30433

  • Danny
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just stop recovering stats completely who didn't do anything for the server or have a serious reason.

just an idea
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